Boosting Your Family’s Immune System for Back to School

By: Nicole Dockham

It’s that time of year… back to school!  While it’s always exciting to start a new year of school, it’s also nerve wracking as a parent to think about all of the germs your child will be bombarded with as they head in to their new classroom.  I worked in education for many years, and prior to being introduced to chiropractic, I would inevitably get very sick within a few weeks of the school year starting each and every year.  After I had kids of my own, the pattern continued with them.  Luckily, we started exploring more natural health care options, and now I don’t stress when I send my kids off to school in September. Well, maybe I still stress, but not about them getting sick!

So what’s the secret?  My mom friends are always asking me what essential oils I’m using or what vitamins I’m giving my kids, and while I do believe that both of thosechirokid things contribute to my kids having strong immune systems, the thing that has made the biggest difference with my family’s health is getting weekly adjustments.  Many people associate getting adjusted with relieving pain, but there are so many more health benefits to getting adjusted than just relieving pain!  Regular chiropractic adjustments allow for open communication in the body’s nerve pathways, which in turn strengthens your immune system and help your body fight off illness.  I have seen firsthand how getting adjusted every week throughout the year has greatly decreased the amount of times my family has gotten sick.

elderberryOther things I do to help build my kids immune systems up include diffusing essential oils (thieves is my go to!) and giving them elderberry syrup on a weekly basis (more frequently if they are fighting a bug). Being proactive with daily kids multivitamins helps as well. Limiting sugar is another huge one!

While getting my 3 kids to the wellness center once a week is a commitment both with our time and with our finances,29214286_1644101535626374_6343993779426426880_n the benefits of being proactive with my family’s health is invaluable.  When I compare our school years prior to getting chiropractic care to how they are now, there is no doubt in my mind that getting regular adjustments has made a huge, positive impact on my family’s health.

To get your kids’ school year off to the right start, be sure your checklist includes a visit to see our doctors for adjustments and health coaches for nutritional/supplement guidance at Woodbury Spine Wellness Center!

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