Quit the Sit: Workplace Wellness

When it comes to workplace wellness, we’ve heard (and seen) a lot of pretty alarming statistics: the average worker sits for 5 hours and 41 minutes per day.  An average American sits for 11 hours a day!  Each hour spent sitting reduces lifespan by 22 minutes.  As a matter of fact, 20% of all deaths of people 35 and older are attributed to a lack of physical activity.

Forward-head-carriage-1022x675Some ways to counteract these ill effects of “sitting disease” while you’re at your desk include checking your posture regularly, engaging your core, sitting on a balance ball or other cushion, modifying the desk height/computer to be ergonomically appropriate for your body, and of course taking breaks frequently to walk, stretch, and hydrate!  Be aware of unbalanced postures such as crossing your legs, sitting on a wallet or carrying a heavy bag, and extending your head too far in front of your shoulders.  You may have heard our doctors say that every inch forward your head creeps in front of your shoulders, you add ten pounds of pressure to your spine (ouch!).

At Woodbury Spine, we believe that movement is life!  Our doctors regularly serve our community by educating businesses and organizations on the detrimental effects and stress caused by prolonged sitting in the workplace setting.  Even in our office, the doctors prescribe therapies such as the wobble chair, cervical traction (neck exercises), bungee exercises, and functional fitness and mobility exercises to counteract the daily deterioration of your healthy spine due to sitting and other workplace woes.

Many employers have begun to implement a wellness education/incentive-based program for their employees, but many still do not have any wellness program in place.  Those that do rarely engage their employees or hold them accountable.   A great place to office posturestart is to ask your HR director what your employer offers for a wellness program/benefits.  At Woodbury Spine, we supplement and complement what your employer offers to you and your coworkers by bringing workplace wellness to you! We have engaging, interactive lunch and learns, Stress-less days (chair massages), posture screening and education, and even a workplace 8WW challenge program.

All of these awesome benefits are provided to you, our rockstar patients, and your places of work, for free.  Feel free to share this article with your employer when you get back to your office.

You can also ask your doctor or the front desk for more information!

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